Old School to New School Martial Arts with Rick Young – Inside Chat Podcast Episode 37

by | May 23, 2021 | Podcast

In this episode I speak directly to UK Martial Arts pioneer and renowned instructor Rick Young about his extensive journey in Martial Arts, including topics such as the influence of Guru Dan Inosanto, Modern Vs Traditional disciplines and the evolution of the UK scene.

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00:00 Welcoming Rick to the podcast
01:37 How Rick found Martial Arts
13:57 Has the internet improved Martial Arts training?
27:57 Where do Martial Arts styles crossover?
37:05 Combat Sports vs. Self Defence
54:01 Compassion & Staying Humble in Martial Arts
01:00:07 Goal Setting & Rick’s Future Goals
01:05:45 3 tips to improve your Martial Arts
01:10:44 Where you can find Rick online

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