Training Ninjas and Samurai with Kenji Tanigaki – Inside Chat Podcast Episode 50

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Articles

n this episode I speak directly to Kenji Tanigaki about the world of Rurouni Kenshin, developing fight scenes for Snake Eyes, and his journey in both Martial Arts and the film industry.

Warrior Collective Award – Best Young Martial Artist of the Year

Warrior Collective Award - Best Young Martial Artist of the Year It is my utmost pleasure to announce the start today of this years Warrior Collective Award for the Best Young Martial Artist of the Year sponsored by Made4Fighters     About the Warrior Collective Award...

“We Bring The Fight” Dutch Kickboxing Documentary

"We Bring The Fight" - Dutch Kickboxing Documentary As anyone who follows this blog or the Warrior Collective Youtube Channel should be aware of by now, I have something of a soft spot for the Netherlands!  I filmed this Dutch Kickboxing documentary over the course of...

Get Signed by a Major Promotion – Understanding the Fight Game

The Fight Game - How to get Signed by a Major Fight Promotion It is one of the key aims of any aspiring fighter to best understand how to get signed by a major fight promotion and compete regularly at the highest level in front of a global audience.  Each particular...

Guide to Muay Thai Vs Dutch Kickboxing – An In-Depth Look at Striking

Because of my constant travelling around the world with the Warrior Collective and my well known love of the striking styles, I often get asked my opinion on the topic of Muay Thai Vs Dutch Kickboxing.  People also ask what the main differences are and how the styles...


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