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I am always blown away by how well thought of the Warrior Collective is across the world.  Everywhere I go, I bump into people who tell me how much they love watching the videos and reading the content that goes up each week.  Here are a selection of written testimonials left on the Warrior Collective Facebook page by a variety of different coaches, fighters and figures involved within the Martial Arts community from across the world;

A photo of two hands making a heart shape to indicate excellent testimonials

Tony Moran / World Champion Boxer, Pro MMA fighter and Liverpool based Coach – A fantastic resource to bring the public all the elements of combat from absolute beginner to elite level, brought together with passion, dedication, understanding and a deep respect by Stuart.  Outstanding commitment and work I am proud to say I have shared in.
Respect for all you do for both the combatants, their fans and all those who wish to further their own development.

Nick Hemmers / World renowned Head Coach of Hemmers Gym – Always top to work with warrior collective!! Always welcome for me!!

Paul Karpowicz / World Champion Muay Thai Fighter and Head Coach at 2 Technical Muay Thai – Warrior collective is a wicked channel sharing endless amount of knowledge from some of the best marital arts instructors from all over the world, its great for beginners and even experienced martial artist to learn from other coaches and see different styles, methods, drills and techniques.  It also promotes gyms and gives people who might live close a chance to see a little taster of what the training is about before they go or in order to help find a gym near them.  Awesome channel for both participants and instructors, Stuart is doing a mint job x

Nathan Leverton / World renowned Head Coach of Leicester Shoot Fighters – Fantastic resource for coaches and students alike. Keep up the great work!

Mark Spencer / Pro MMA Fighter, BJJ Black Belt and Coach at Team Fulinkazan – Not only do they have a wide selection of instructional videos, they have arguably the guy with the best hair in MMA teaching a couple.  You’re welcome…

Yogendra Parekh / Muay Thai Fighter and Head Coach at Black Widow Muay Thai – Some amazing tutorials on here, always great to learn something new!

James Doolan / Pro MMA Fighter, BJJ Black Belt and Head Coach of Higher Level Martial Arts/Dinky Ninjas Fight Team – Brilliant resource for any martial artist. Quick and easy access to some of the very best martial artists around.

Keith McLachlan / World Champion Muay Thai Fighter and Coach at the Griphouse – The warrior collective is a great portal for finding info and videos from some of the very best martial artists in the world. Be it muay thai, bjj, wrestling, boxing, K1 or many others youll find loads here.  No matter your art I’m sure you’ll find videos that will help improve or adapt your own interpretation of different techniques.

Stuart Cooper / World renowned BJJ Black Belt, Film maker and coach at Tiger Muay Thai – Awesome page and channel! Really useful techniques. Keep up the great work!

Panicos Yusuf / World Muay Thai Champion, Pro MMA Fighter and Head Coach at All Powers Gym – I’ve been doing Muay Thai for almost 18 years and have transitioned over to pro MMA in the last year so beleive me when I say that Warrior Collective is the best place for just straight up amazing tutorials. No politics, no rubbish.  I’m not ashamed to say that I have picked up a few tips/techniques and combos from some of the coaches tutorials on here. Just amazing!

Brad Pickett / Renowned UFC Fighter and Head Coach of Thaitans – Highly recommend, always great content!

George Mann / World Muay Thai Champion and highly regarded international fighter – Warrior Collective videos and footage are amazing!  It’s great to learn key points from elite athletes within the UK!

Eli Knight / BJJ Black Belt, World class instructor and Head Coach of Knight Jiu Jitsu – Fantastic online resource for techniques – from Muay Thai to Jiu-Jitsu and many other martial arts. The original content of this page, as well as the contributions to content from high level instructors, make this entertaining and informative.